Laws That Govern Consumption of Marijuana in Nevada

Consumption of marijuana was illegal in Nevada until November 8th, 2016 when the lawmakers lifted the ban. The legalization of marijuana in Nevada was highly attributed to studies from reputable medical researchers which show the medicinal benefits of marijuana concentrates. These are the rules and regulations of Nevada that are related to using cannabis. Do check to learn more.

In Nevada, recreational marijuana is officially legal for users who are 21 years and above who have a valid government-issued ID, passport or driver’s license Of Nevada. A minor should seek the signature of the parent or guardian on a Minor Release Form for them to be issued with a medicinal marijuana card.

There are a few advantages of possessing a medical card. You can access a wide range of marijuana products that exceed the standard quantities of marijuana components . When you buy recreational marijuana, you will not be charged the retail exercise if you have a medical marijuana card. A doctor should provide a report that shows why you need a medical marijuana card for your application of medical marijuana card to go through. For useful info, click here.

Nevada allows medical patients to buy up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana products within fourteen days. You can buy recreational marijuana products that do not exceed an ounce for an eighth of an ounce of marijuana concentrates if you are in Nevada. The government tracks medical sales of marijuana, but recreational sales are not. The stores that sell marijuana products are authorized by the local governments to operate within specific time limits.

You will get arrested if you drive under the influence of marijuana in Nevada. You have to properly seal marijuana products in containers if you are transporting them in your vehicle. Whether you are transporting marijuana products to countries that allow or prohibit the use of marijuana Nevada does not allow you to transport marijuana products outside its boundaries.

Nevada allows people to cultivate marijuana, but they should meet specific requirements. Those who want to cultivate marijuana should only do so for medicinal purposes, and they should also leave within 25 miles circumference near a dispensary.

It is illegal to take marijuana products in public places when you are in Nevada. Some hotels in Nevada have specific places that allow their customers to consume marijuana products freely. Casinos and hotels are not allowed to mix uses of marijuana with other customers because they are places and that is why they have designated areas for you to smoke your cannabis. Also, here are some of the risks and benefits of cannabis:

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